Comical dating tips

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The Front Of His Neck When you’re kissing your partner, you probably pay more attention to his ears, than you do to his neck.

In fact, you probably haven’t considered his neck at all.

And, to be asked back six years in a row is more than a dream come true. Well, I think they’ve kind of prepared themselves for what's to come.

I mean, this magazine isn’t some new magazine, it’s been around.

But a man’s face is really put through the ringer when it comes to shaving, and he thus warmly appreciates the soothing touch of a woman. All you need to do to make him feel pleasurable and happy is place both your hands on his face and rub his temples. He will feel instantly relaxed, loved-up – and good.5.

His Lips Yes, we know that you already kiss your partner on the lips.

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It’s important to remember that lips are really sensitive, and if you touch too hard you could end up tickling him, which will make him laugh.This is not necessarily a turn-on, and he might return to watching the soccer game.But if you gently rub his lips, you could be tapping into a hot-spot that gets him in the mood.Get into a position so that you are facing his feet, and maximise his pleasure by reaching forward and grabbing his ankles. The ear might only be small, nondescript and perhaps even hidden away; but you’ll be amazed at how good it makes your man feel when you give it some attention.You can start with a little whisper in his ear, which can already be enough to drive him wild with desire. Then, when you know he’s really getting in the mood, you can start biting his earlobe.3.

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